The Oregon Distillers Guild was formed in 2007 by a handful of our peers who had the vision to organize what they believed to be just the beginning of a booming craft industry. Thanks to them, and our involved and growing membership we’re not only the first such Guild in the country, we believe we are one of the strongest and most passionate – and the benefits of this are many.

If you are a licensed distiller in Oregon or are in the process of becoming licensed, we welcome you to join our efforts. We also offer a service membership for supporting businesses looking to network with our members.

Our mission is to continually provide industry education, legislative improvements, and overall promotion of the Oregon distilled spirits industry.   

Your support helps the Guild grow and support the industry by adding more voices to its efforts to change laws in Oregon and to improve the business climate for distilleries.


Our members are top of mind for all groups when thinking of Oregon spirit producers, distilled spirits and related products, alcohol-related legislation, and distillery-related tourism.

Resources – Members find opportunities to meet and partner with other members, industry specialists, regulators, consumers, and more through seminars and presentations.

Events – Members are invited to participate in TOAST, our annual showcase of Oregon distilled spirits, as well as other seasonal events available only to members.

Government Affairs– Members know they are represented in legislative and rule-making sessions.

Offer Support – Members will get direct benefit from state-wide marketing, public relations, branding, outreach, and networking efforts.

New Discounts - as we arrange special deals with suppliers and services, members will receive discounts or added value on purchases of raw material, packaging, and equipment, legal, compliance, marketing, design, insurance, bonding, and business management services.

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Member Dues

Membership dues are based on the DSP’s produced proof gallons per year and are structured as follows:
$100 - not producing yet
$200 – 0 to 499 pF Gal
$300 – 500 to 2500 pF Gal
$500 – 2500 to 5000 pF Gal
$750 – over 5000 pF Gal
The Board reserves the right to adjust dues annual as outline in our bylaws.

Pay your dues here:

Membership Levels